About Infusion

Infusion Youth Camps are a life-changing, multiple-day encounter with Jesus in worshipprayer, and incredible community. Every day is jam packed with non-stop activities for a summer you’ll never forget. Infusion has been running for over 10 years and has the highest standards for every aspect of camp life. During Infusion students worship Jesus together in a way that for many, has changed their lives forever. (Ages 13-18)


Kona, HI
Infusion Camp

Online Revival Training** 
Online Camp

Orange County, CA
Day Camp

Lancaster, PA
Day Camp


July 4th – July 14th

July 28th – 31st

Aug. 10th – 17th

July 18th – 21st


Kona, HI | $525
Infusion Camp
July 4th – July 14th

Online Revival Training** | $55
Online Camp
July 28th – 31st

Orange County, CA | $85
Day Camp
Aug. 10th – 17th

Lancaster, PA | $65
Day Camp
July 18th – 23rd

**Online Event – Receive your physical Revival Starter Pack and get access to live training each day!


Youth Group

Passion Groups:

Tap a passion group to see more details.






For students who want to lead bible clubs at school, plan evangelistic events, or gather friends to read the bible, the catalyst group shows students the practicals of preaching and leadership.


Music passion group focuses on equipping you in your musicianship, worship leading and songwriting. This passion group will empower you to lead people into worship and give you greater knowledge on the heart/posture of worship! Get ready to learn to work together with other musicians and song writers to write new music and perform at the end of the camp!


Whether on or off the field, Christ is still the same in us! Being on a team gives us a great opportunity to lead and love like Jesus! This group will show you how you have a unique opportunity to shift culture and introduce the love of Jesus to your coaches and teammates! Come ready for group challenges, deeper teachings on Jesus the culture shifter, and community outreach!


Do you love media? Photography, Vlogs, Art? Come ready to learn how to partner with God in your passion and understand where true inspiration and creativity comes from. We are excited to challenge and grow you in your skill sets, and help you create with the intention of reaching your generation and beyond with the gospel!




At camp, God inspired me and my friend to start a monthly worship night in LA called open space. Our worship night has been growing and people have been getting encountered and saved!

– Jimmy

I experienced continual breakthrough so I could go back and lead others into the same freedom I have!

– Isabella

Camp helped me find freedom in worship and now i’m a worship leader back home!

– Sydney

A week before I left for camp I broke my foot and at camp I got healed! God is so faithful!

– Emma

I was miraculously healed with just one prayer!

– Skyler

Camp was the first time I heard God really speak to me and at that moment I fully devoted my whole life to him!

– Grace

During camp, God showed me that I’m invited to be apart of His story and accepted as I am.

– Libby

God healed my back through prayer! So many breakthroughs

– Claire


Jake & Katherine Mason

Jake & Katherine Mason

Jake and Katherine Mason have been involved with YWAM for 13 years and have 2 sons, Aiden and James. Jake has been involved with INFUSION since the beginning and together they have led the camp for the past 10 years. Currently they work with the Circuit Rider community in Orange County, CA.

Joel & Amy Bomberger

Joel & Amy Bomberger

Joel & Amy have been working with Circuit Riders doing missions since 2013. They are involved with preaching, strategy, and development of Circuit Riders Youth. They have been a part of Infusion for the past 5 years, co-leading and main communicating.
Chip Messick

Chip Messick

Chip Messick first came to Infusion as a student in 2011. Since then he has joined YWAM and been on staff with Circuit Riders for the last 6 years. Chip is the main worship leader for Infusion and one of the core leaders and communicators.

Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor has been involved with YWAM and Circuit Riders for the last 5 years. She is the lead organizer of the High School Carry The Love Tours and one of the main communicators and planners for the Infusion Youth Camp.

Christa Mindling

Christa Mindling

Christa has been involved in missions for 3 years. She helps lead national and local initiatives for CR Youth and The Couch. She is also head administrator for CR Youth, Infusion, and The Couch. She has been involved with Infusion since 2018.


How much does it cost?

Online Revival Training cost: $55

Kona cost: $525

Orange County: $85

Lancaster cost : $65


What can I expect at INFUSION CAMPS?
Infusion Youth Camp in Kona, Hawaii will be our classic 10 day experience. Students will stay on YWAM UofN Campus and participate in daily bible training, wild worship, crazy games, small groups, passion groups, and much much more. Freedom, Joy, and the Love of God will mark every single day! (We will be following all local covid guidelines to be as safe as possible)

Online Revival Training – Can’t travel?? Don’t stress it. God can meet you where you’re at! Join the online army and receive your revival starter pack and access to live training everyday!


Are plane tickets included in tuition?

We do not include the cost of plane tickets in our tuition.

What is the best airport for students to fly into?

Lancaster: Harrisburg International Airport

Orange County: John Wayne Airport or Los Angeles International

Kona: Kona International Airport 

For Lancaster and Orange County Day Camps we recommend you drive in. We will provide you a specific address upon registration.


What should I pack?

We send out packing lists specific to the area that the student in attending camp! Expect this packing list to be sent out a month before the arrival day of camp.

My daughter/son is coming with friends. Does that mean they automatically room together?

If your daughter/son is coming with a friend, a group of friends, or a youth group, we ask that they provide the names of their friends and their ages in their application that they would like to room with. We only room girls with girls, and boys with boys. Please do not list names of opposite genders in our room request portion of the application.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that each student will be rooming with every single friend requested. We base our rooms by age, not by who they are coming with. We encourage students coming to Infusion to be open minded about meeting new friends, as an opportunity to have community across the nation, and internationally! For more questions concerning rooms, please email us at [email protected]

What are passion groups?

Our passion groups are split into four different categories —  Catalyst, Music, Media, and Sport

Students will engage in these passion groups five out of the ten days of camp! Our goal is for students to gain deeper biblical worldview within these areas of passion, acquire skill-sets that will empower them for success, and give direction and vision for when they go home and continue in these skill-sets.

*Catalyst is our leadership development track. We invite students to be apart of this group who are hungry to learn to gather their peers, grow in evangelism and communication, and develop a biblical foundation of what it looks like to lead like Jesus.

Is this refundable/what is your cancelation policy?

Unfortunately our camp is non-refundable. We make exceptions due to emergency or medical situations. If there is any reason the student is sent home, the camp remains non-refundable.

How will students get to and from the airport?

We provide shuttle only for our full Infusion Youth Camp in Kona, HI.

Our staff will be stationed at the airport arrivals and baggage claim with camp shirts and signs. They will be bused back to the base where they will be staying at.

For any other questions, you can email us at: [email protected].