Take Your Summer Back.

Official Teen Camp of YWAM Ministries:  Circuit Riders + Fire & Fragrance

Take Your Summer Back

What is Infusion?

Infusion Youth Camps Are…

A multiple-day encounter with Jesus in worship, prayer, and incredible community.

Every day is jam packed with non-stop activities for a summer you’ll never forget.

Infusion has been running for over 10 years and has the highest standards for every aspect of camp life.

Raw Worship. True Freedom.

During Infusion students worship Jesus together
in a way that for many, has changed their lives forever.

Passion Groups:

Each student chooses which passion group they will be a part of when camp begins.

For students who want to lead bible clubs at school, plan evangelistic events, or gather friends to read the bible, the spark group shows students the practicals of preaching and leadership.

Society is drenched in media, the media group uses this powerful tool to influence and inspire others for good! Battling selfishness with sacrifice and love through the arts.

Whether its singing, playing an instrument, or leading worship, the music group trains in song writing and every year we pick a few songs (from the students) to record on the summers album.

The sport group uses various activities and sports related lessons, to reach out to the community. Students spend time playing with the youth and showing them Jesus.

Infusion Camps 2020 Dates Coming Soon!

Student Testimonies:

Infusion was the first place where I learned how to have a relationship with God and where I learned to truly love myself and the people surrounding me.

KaraInfusion Camper

Infusion was the first time I truly felt God's love in a tangible way. Ever since then all I want to do is bring that same feeling to others.

MaxInfusion Camper

Infusion was an environment where I discovered how absolutely limitless God’s influence in my life can be. I made friends and role-models in who I saw God’s work at play in to an extent greater than I had ever imagined possible.

BrandonInfusion Camper

Infusion has impacted my life by giving me the tools and the confidence to bring more Jesus to my student body.

ParkerInfusion Camper

Infusion has constantly challenged me to pursue God and His love with all of my being. It's a time of revelation, encouragement, and fun for both the students and the staff.

IsaacInfusion Camper

Infusion is the best 2 weeks of my year. I could write books on its impact in my life, but the most lasting thing is it taught me to love myself and others better in ways that reflect the Fathers' heart.

GraceInfusion Camper

Infusion has been life altering ever since I set foot on the campus. To this day, I still carry lessons, friendships, and memories that continue to influence my life six years later. It changed everything for me—showing me what life was like (and the fact that it was possible) to feel Jesus’ presence with every step, to hear His voice every with every breath, and to see his glory and great love in every single thing.

EmmelineInfusion Camper

Meet Your Leaders:

Chip Messick

Chip Messick first came to Infusion as a student in 2011. Since then he has joined YWAM and been on staff with Circuit Riders for the last 6 years. Chip is the main worship leader for Infusion and one of the core leaders and communicators.

Jake & Kath

Jake and Katherine Mason have been involved with YWAM for 13 years and have 2 sons, Aiden and James. Jake has been involved with INFUSION since the beginning and together they have led the camp for the past 10 years. Currently they work with the Circuit Rider community in Orange County, Ca. where they lead CR Youth and helps plan tours around the nation to different youth groups and high schools where they share about Jesus.

Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor has been involved with YWAM and Circuit Riders for the last 5 years. She is the lead organizer of the High School Carry The Love Tours and one of the main communicators and planners for the Infusion Youth Camp.


Q. What does tuition cover?
A. Tuition covers all housing, meals and planned outings. Students are encouraged to bring some extra cash for the cafe and any snacks they may want to purchase.
Q. Where will I be sleeping?
A. Students sleep in dorm style rooms with 6-8 students and 1-2 staff. These rooms are the students small groups as well.
Q. How do I get to base from the airport?
A. Each student will be picked up and dropped off at the airport on arrival and departure day.
Q. Is there any free time?
A. Yes, each day there is a little free time. But students are not allowed off site without the accompaniment of staff. Even if they are 18 years of age.
Q. What should I pack?
A. A packing list will be sent to each student once they finish the application process.
Q. What are the age limits?
A. All students must be between 13-18 years of age.

Interested in helping lead young people into a Jesus encounter?

Apply to Staff Infusion

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